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A few very general ideas.

So how can Northeast Ohio/Midwest folks show their support for the writers on the East and West coasts? Here's a few ideas, along with a few questions:

1. Two care packages to the writers - one for the WGAW, one for the WGAE. This is one I'll need help with, because I'm not entirely sure what we could include here besides letters of support. Could we ship food? If we did, what could we ship that wouldn't go bad in the time it would take to ship the packages?

2. Letters to the studios, letting them know who we are (the fans) and why we support the WGA. Like I've said before, well-worded letters would be best, and more likely to be read. We can't just cuss them out or threaten to never watch their station again. Giving clear, concise reasons WHY we support them would likely be our best bet.

3. Postcards. Lots and lots of postcards. Once I get the addresses of the studios, I'm actually going to throw this idea out on wga_supporters, as well.

We could use originally designed "We Support the WGA" postcards. Or, to make it more personal, and to really show how far across the country the WGA's support stretches, we go out and buy several copies of every single 'local' postcard we can find. Would it be cool if the studios AND the writers got postcards from Cleveland, Kent, Akron (along with everyone in the Midwest) saying "Cleveland Supports the WGA!" This one wouldn't take much time or money, and with a few people working on it we'll reach a lot of eyes.


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Nov. 11th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
I really like the idea about the postcards.

I hear there's really too much food going down to LA/New York, so we could probably find some other way to show our support.

Also, what do you think about sending stuff to crew members on the shows??
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